Whether a driver is sick or injured, needs personal or legal help, we'll be there.

Key travel assistance services include:

Medical Travel Assistance

  • Repatriation of driver to home location when the driver is stranded due to an accident or medical recovery
  • Medical evacuation to the nearest hospital to provide an appropriate level of care for covered truckers
  • And more...

Personal Aid for Professional Drivers

  • Legal referral
  • Bail-bond assistance
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Emergency advance of funds

Information and more

  • Pre-travel information
  • Weather, cultural differences and exchange rate
  • Inoculation and immunization

Services are provided by third-party vendors through OneBeacon Insurance Group, LLC, whose principal offices are located in Minnetonka, MN.  OneBeacon reserves the right to change vendors at any time without prior written notice. Travel Assistance services must be pre-authorized.  The Discount Prescription Drug Program is NOT insurance.