You left your wallet at the diner fifty miles back. You call, but the manager says he has not seen it. No problem.

The OneBeacon® occupational accident insurance program is enhanced with identity management services. These services offer truckers protection before - and after - an identity theft occurs!

The identity management services is one of the only programs to provide both proactive and reactive resources to help professional truck drivers manage an identity theft-related crisis. From restoring the driver's good name to safeguarding a deceased spouse's accounts, the identity management program does it all.

Identity management services include:

A dedicated fraud specialist who works one-on-one with the victim throughout the resolution process. This includes working with all relevant parties, such as:

  • Credit bureaus
  • Collection agencies
  • Law enforcement
  • Government
  • Notification of businesses, agencies and institutions

The fraud specialist will:

  • Prepare all correspondence necessary to notify relevant parties of the fraud
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive case file of phone calls, documentation and results
  • Help the victim place fraud alerts and freezes on his or her credit reports
  • Help enroll the victim in a state-identity-theft passport program, if necessary

Services are provided by third-party vendors through OneBeacon Insurance Group, LLC, whose principal offices are located in Minnetonka, MN.  OneBeacon reserves the right to change vendors at any time without prior written notice. Travel Assistance services must be pre-authorized.  The Discount Prescription Drug Program is NOT insurance.