A sick driver is an unproductive driver. High prescription drug costs can make drivers feel even worse.

In an effort to make prescription drugs more affordable, a discount prescription drug program is offered to give drivers access at more than 80% of pharmacies nationally. Individuals with limited or no prescription drug coverage can benefit from this discount prescription drug program.

The online pricing tool lets you compare prices by specific pharmacy location. The price that is paid is the negotiated discounted price or the pharmacy's sale price, whichever is lower. This assures that the lowest possible price is received. The card is valid at most major chain pharmacies and many independent pharmacies nationwide.

All FDA approved brand and generic prescription medications are covered.

Even if the driver already has insurance coverage, the card can still help. It can discount prescription drugs – including lifestyle medications – that the health plan may not cover. Moreover, the driver's family members can also benefit from this program.

Services are provided by third-party vendors through OneBeacon Insurance Group, LLC, whose principal offices are located in Minnetonka, MN.  OneBeacon reserves the right to change vendors at any time without prior written notice. Travel Assistance services must be pre-authorized.  The Discount Prescription Drug Program is NOT insurance.