Reporting is easy. Simply call the OneBeacon Accident & Health's claims center toll-free at 866.568.2233 to report an occupational accident, non-trucking liability or vehicle physical damage claim. For workers compensation claims for trucking accounts or courier companies, call 877.248.3455 to report the claim.

When you call:

  • A customer service representative will:
    • Guide you through the claim-reporting process
    • Ask specific questions related to the accident
    • Complete the first claim notice in our claims system
  • You can ask for the name of the nearest hospital or participating physician during normal business hours (9 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET). If your injuries require immediate attention, go directly to the nearest hospital for medical treatment or call 911.

After you call:

  • You will receive the appropriate claims forms via U.S. Mail or your email address, if so requested. Please complete and return the forms to OneBeacon® as quickly as possible.
  • A claim representative will contact you to secure additional information about your incident and will provide you with additional information concerning the claims handling process.

You will also receive an additional mailed letter that will provide your adjuster's contact information and provide you with key coverage language that we request that you closely review and call your claim's representative with any questions or concerns.